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Granny was the first retaurant to open in Egypt, the resturant was designed with the history in mind we have created a soft industrial dining room, combined with an open kitchen, coffee take out bar and on site coffee roastery.
Since our grand opening in May 1995, Granny has won great awards from food critics and organizations all over the world.
  • The Good Food Award, Gold Seal (2017)
  • The Organic Food Award, Soil Association (2017)
  • The Great British & Egyptian Food Award (2016)
  • The Food Made Good Award (2015)
  • The Great Food Taste Award (2014)
  • The Food Award, Egypt (2014)
  • The Best Food Award, Egypt (2014)
  • The Best Chef in Egypt & Best Restaurant (2013)
  • The Best Emerging Egypt Cuisine (2012)
  • The Best Dining Experience (2011)
  • The Best Chef in Egypt (2010)
  • The Egyptian Star (2009)
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We must thank all the talented chefs in Granny for creating exquisite dishes to satisfy our taste buds. They're able to create a balance with several flavour & ingredients.
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Follow our latest news updates to know about our offers, recipes and events. One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.